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Posted on 15 Jan 2021

3 Best Engraving Techniques

How can I find an apt company for my project offering laser engraving near me? If these are the words of your mouth then before finding a perfect company for your project, you must be aware of the types of engraving services so that you can finalize the company that is equipped with the technology needed in your project. 

Following are the main types of engraving methods:

CNC Rotary engraving:

Most of us know that in ancient times hand carving was unique and popular. CNC rotary engraving is an advanced version of hand carving as these machines can carve multiple copies of intricate designs with ease and perfection. So, if you want deep cuts, appreciable designing, polished and precise finish, and all this in a short span, then CNC rotary engraving should be your choice. Furthermore, you can choose between flat groove engraving or V-groove engraving. The former has a flat bottom whereas the latter has a fine line with a bottom tip, though both types of grooves can be painted well. Another added advantage of this type of engraving service is that it can be done on a variety of materials like plastic, wood, metal, etc. 

CNC laser engraving

Computer numerical control (CNC) laser engraving engraves materials like acrylic, wood, lexan, etc. with great clarity and detail. These materials can be grooved in desired depths as per the design and accordingly its speed and direction can be controlled. The unique thing about this type of engraving is that the most complicated designs can be engraved and the object to be engraved doesn’t have to be flat; various shaped objects can be efficiently engraved by these machines. Under this service, one can choose laser marking and laser etching depending on his preference.

3D engraving

Surface 3D miller engraving or subsurface 3D laser engraving are the two techniques that engrave highly textured graphics and text to give an astonishing 3D effect. 

Out of the above, whichever is your requirement, we have solutions for all. Contact us to discuss your project and make a difference in our business.