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Posted on 06 Aug 2019


The OTOEL team of engineers and specialists have been established and trusted for over 20 years. Renowned for chemical etching using the latest technology, some of the techniques used by our team are exclusive to our Northampton facility, which is proudly one of the leading centres for chemical etching in Europe.

OTOEL can etch very intricate designs and lettering on a wide range of materials, such as brass, copper, bronze, stainless steel even Titanium, giving your office or award plaques a high-level of prestige, quality and long-lasting beauty.

  • We are trusted within the industry.

  • We have fast lead times.

  • Burr & Stress-free manufacturing method.

  • Cost-effective Prototyping.

  • High accuracy.

  • Large volumes undertaken.

    What is chemical etching?

    Chemical etching is a technique that is fast and efficient method of etching artwork, sigils, monograms etc into metal. Chemical etching allows much higher levels of accuracy without any burr. The shape or design does not limit you. An acidic solution is applied which then eats away at the metal, leaving the etched pattern or design remaining. Each sheet of metal has a design applied, along with a photo-resist to protect the design from the acid. When the acid is applied, it dissolves the remaining metal to a point where just the design remains.

    Can OTOEL etch any design?

    Yes! It doesn’t matter how intricate the design is, or the material, we can likely etch it for you. Get an online quote, send us a message or give us a call here