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Posted on 23 Nov 2021

6 Tips for Laser Engraving Wood

If you’re here after looking up ‘wood engraving services near me,’ the business that can help you is One to One Engravers, as you will get services from only the best laser wood engraver. In this article, we will be looking at six tips to keep in mind when laser engraving wood.


  • LowTack Masking Tape

It is important to cover the surface of the wood with low-tack masking tape before you engrave it so that it won’t be dotted by grey or brown stains that can be caused by smoke. Once you’re done, just take off the tape.


  • Denatured Alcohol

Use denatured alcohol and a white piece of cloth to clean up any burn marks after you’re done engraving. Be sure to spray the alcohol evenly to protect the work done and avoid coloured cloth so there won’t be stains.


  • Burn at 1200 DPI

More DPI denotes that the laser will fire more, so be sure to strike a balance between the time and the engraving resolution as a higher engraving resolution can be achieved by increasing the DPI.


  • Back out your focus .2″

Make sure to set the focus of the laser manually and not automatically and you can use a digital calliper and drop your laser bed .2″ because in this way, you will have less mess and smoke, and less time will be spent cleaning.


  • Real Hardwood for Large Engraving

Hardwood is better than plywood in this case as the grain on the wood runs in a consistent direction, higher engraving quality can be assured as it is heavier, and it can also be controlled better.


  • Experiment on Wood Engraving

The best way to figure out better laser solutions is to practice and experiment with different wood.


As mentioned before, One to One Engravers based in Northampton is the place to go to if you’re here after looking up ‘wood engraving services near me.’ You will get work done here only from the best laser wood engraver. They also offer other services so you will be able to get what you need.