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Posted on 18 Mar 2021

All you need to know about Laser Cutting Aluminium

Aluminium happens to be a chemical element that has a density that is much lower than any other common metals.  Aluminium’s density happens to be almost one-third of steel, and this metal is known to have a great affinity towards oxygen.  Although this metal is known to be soft,  non-magnetic and ductile, it is known to be one of such metals which is the most challenging to laser cut. Most of the laser engraving company prefer to work with aluminium as the demand for goods made out of this metal is relatively high. 


Why is it challenging to cut Aluminium?

For the workers to conduct laser cutting on aluminium, it requires a good amount of expertise and experience.  According to the data provided by most of the laser engraving company,  the most difficult task that one has to perform while laser cutting aluminium is to create a clean cut edge. The primary reason why aluminium is difficult to laser cut is that Aluminium is no to have some properties that react very differently with laser beams.  The reason for this reaction might depend upon aluminium’s reflectivity,  molecular structure and thermal conductivity properties. 


Difficulties one might face while conducting Aluminium and Laser processing

It is a commonly known fact that whenever one throws a light onto a reflective surface of a material,  the light immediately tends to bounce back and scatter.  The case is just the same with aluminium as it has a reflective surface.  This makes aluminium laser cutting even more difficult.  Another fact is that the molecular structure of aluminium is extremely malleable and makes it even more difficult for the laser beam to pierce through it. Besides this, aluminium also has a heat conductive property which as well interferes with its laser cutting procedure. 


Laser cutting Aluminium services

Before one can proceed with laser cutting aluminium, it is very important to do the marking procedure beforehand.  one can easily find these services by googling, “laser marking near me’. However, one must be very careful while searching for the services and must definitely avoid cheap engraving services.  It is very important to understand and study the working style, infrastructure and cost structure of each company before availing their services.  Since aluminium is a difficult metal to cut, only people with good expertise and proper work experience will be able to provide perfect results.



The fundamental reason for avoiding cheap engraving services is to make sure that the entire work procedure is taking place under experts and is being conducted in a technically sound environment for achieving the best results. Once one searches on google with the words “laser marking near me’, immediately multiple contacts of companies with proper information appear on the screen, and the customer can do their research and find out which company is the best for their work. Before the customer chooses a company, it is important for the customer to take a store visit and go through their previous works and understand the quality of work that these companies provide.