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Posted on 25 Nov 2019

Applications of CNC Laser Welding Machine

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. As the name suggests, it involves the use of computers to manage and operate the machine tools. The commands to control the machine is given through the computer rather than working on them manually. Structure wise as well, these machines are different from those manual machines where parts are controlled by hands or levels. CNC is used for metal fabrication as well.

In the case of today’s technology of CNC machines, the processes are highly automated. From the design of the parts till the completion of manufacturing, everything is well automated. As far as the software is concerned, CAD (Computer-Aided Design) is used. With the help of CAD, the mechanical dimensions of different parts are decided. The value of the dimensions are transferred to the machine as a directive for manufacturing. All this is done using the CAD/CAM. These things can also help in providing abstract signage solutions.

There are many applications of CNC. It is used in the form of machines like CNC lathes, mills, plasma cutters and even water jet cutter. CNC laser welding machine is another example. Following are the uses of this machine:

1. Welding of the metal:

This machine aids in welding done through heat conduction. It does so with the help of scanner welding methodologies. This machine can also be put to use for solid-state lasers. Examples of solid-state lasers are disk lasers and diode lasers. For the purpose of laser cutting, this machine can provide with space for better processing. It can also help in doing 3D welding. In simple words, this means that with the help of CNC machines, it is possible to weld different shapes like moulded parts which are complex in nature. While welding them together, it is also possible to add some gases if the process requires the manufacturers to do so. The systems inside the laser machine are responsible for doing it. Because of this feature, it is also possible to wire feed in case special kind of welding is required.

2. Automotive industry:

The CNC laser welding machines are used for creation of laser-welded parts which are used as joints. They can be very strong in strength and are used in automobiles. An example of where these parts are used in powertrain systems. For technical information, consultants at One to One Engravers Ltd can be contacted.

3. Plastic industry:

Certain kinds of plastics can be welded. Products are made out of plastics after laser welding some 3-D shapes as required. CNC laser welding machines are used for the transmission welding as well.

4. Electronics and appliances:

The major purpose of CNC laser welding machines in the electronic industry is for creating the electric connection elements. An example of connection element is multipoint connector strip. Indirect relations of this welding technique exists with the food industry as well.

5. Benefit of cost-effectiveness and precision:

Whenever high precision or accuracy is required, CNC welding machines becomes kind of an obvious choice. It can help in creating products or joints with no flaws.