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Posted on 06 Jan 2021

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Laser Engraving

Here are some common mistakes that some companies make offering laser engraving service:

  • Avoid Burning fabric: 

Engraving on Fabric is not everyone’s cup of tea. We, at OTOEL, engrave fabrics with great precision and care. We are well aware of the common mistakes companies make while engraving fabric and thus we take extra care to avoid them. We understand that it is important to have knowledge of the fabrics that can withstand the laser engraving process and at what temperatures and accordingly we choose the fabric for any project. Also, we engrave at a high speed, low power, and lower DPI to ensure that only the top layer vaporizes and the fabric doesn’t burn. Despite all these steps, as a precautionary measure, we test the settings on spare material so that the final output is not compromised in any way.

  • Missed Frosty Acrylic: 

All those who want a frosty effect on an acrylic product like awards, showpiece, etc. may search for laser marking near me and may land up with cheap engraving services. However, cheap services may not necessarily be quality ones. For instance, extruded acrylic is cheaper than cast acrylic but the former doesn’t give a frosted look when engraved, rather it gives a clear look. So, if you desire to have a frosty white color on engraving then cast acrylic should be your choice. Transparent companies like us clearly mention everything to the customers as we do while giving engraving services by notifying them every detail in advance like cast acrylic gives frosty color but doesn’t give flame-polished edges as against extruded acrylic, etc.  

  • Applying the same setting on different woods:

This is one of the common mistakes committed during laser engraving. Certainly, it is not a good idea as different woods produce different results when engraved on the same setting. Thus, it is very important to have in-depth knowledge and experience of engraving on different types of wood. For a contrasting output, maple and alder are popular woods. Oak is likely to give a non-uniform appearance as against cherry, walnut, etc. Similarly, different woods have different effects when engraved and have different requirements for engraving. We are the laser engraving company that is well aware of it and thus can proficiently deliver results while engraving on wood.

  • Machine Maintenance:

Besides having knowledge of various materials like acrylic, fabric, wood, glass, etc. we take care of our machines so that each of our delivered products has the high-standard quality and our projects do not suffer in terms of quality or time due to lack of maintenance of the machine. Though some laser companies overlook maintaining their machines, we understand its importance and so are very prompt with it. 

Any customer who hires us for a laser engraving project is likely to go happy with our high-quality, economical, and on-time services.