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Posted on 10 Oct 2019

Comparison of Chemical Etching with CNC Machining

CNC refers to Computer Numerical Control. CNC machining process is used for manufacturing purposes. Examples of such processes are milling, turning and even grinding. One to One Engravers Ltd. can help with these processes if required. If the precision is needed for the components during manufacturing, then chemical etching services should opt for. It is also cheaper as compared to CNC machining. Other benefits of chemical etching over CNC machining are freedom in the design, faster output and there is also no need of deburring if chemical etching is used. Below is the detailed comparison between CNC machining and chemical etching services based on these factors:

1. Cost:

The cost of CNC machining is way higher as compared to the chemical etching process. This is because manufacturers who provide services in UK have to invest in procurement of tools used for different parts. This can be a situation of loss if the production volume is less. Large volumes helps in spreading out the cost of production. So either the volume needs to be considerably high, or chemical etching should be used. In fact not just the cost of procurement, but also the cost of maintenance of the tools should be considered. Chemical etching provides the cost advantage by avoiding the need of buying additional tools and spending on their maintenance. It is also good for providing abstract signage solutions.

2. Turnaround time:

When the demand is high, having a fast turnaround time is very important. Even if the demands are manageable, people would want a quick supply of products because transportation can also take up from days to weeks. If you are providing services in UK, then lead time will matter a lot. With CNC machining, you would require the purchase of additional tools which will increase the overall turnaround time. Processes are digital in case of chemical etching because of which the output is generated very quickly.

3. Freedom of change in the design:

As stated above, CNC machining will require the purchase of extra tools or use of different tools if there is a change in the design. This will lead to extra cost, time and hassle which makes CNC machining go down in the list of preferences. The changes in the design are very well handled by chemical etching services company. There is no need of change in tools and the additional cost is much less- it basically adds to the people cost rather than the product cost.

4. Overall Quality:

Chemical etching is basically a micro-manufacturing technology which is meant for components requiring high precision. It is a very accurate method of production and manufacturing. The quality is also defined by burr and stress and the products made out of chemical etching are completely stress-free. Whereas it is highly likely that parts made out of CNC machining will require deburring.

In conclusion, we can see that chemical etching is far better than CNC machining in most situations.