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Posted on 08 Mar 2021

Different types of Engraving options available

The term engraving refers to the simple practice of etching or incising any type of design on top of a hard surface which usually happens to be flat.  Different kinds of products can be made by using this engraving technique.  Such products might include decorative products or necessity goods. 


The technique of engraving can be performed on different surfaces like glass, wood, steel, aluminium, plywood, stainless steel, among others. The history of engraving says that it used to be a primitive method of producing images on hard surfaces. Engraving also happens to be one of the oldest and most interesting techniques of printmaking. In modern times engravings have multiple utilities. 


Application of engraving in modern times 


In modern times the art and technique of engraving can be used in many different forms and for many different purposes.  A very simple application of engraving might be creating text on jewellery such as finger rings or pendants. The same technique is also used for engraving names of winners on trophies or mementoes. 


Engraving is also a very important part of the print industry and is used for several purposes and requirements in this industry.  People also use this technique to engrave names on nameplates and other accessories. Machines like a Gun Bow are used to perform this technique on different surfaces. 


Metal Engraving 


Metal engraving refers to the technique of etching a pattern or a design on a piece of metal. This type of engraving can be done on different types of metals such as steel, aluminium, and copper. Using this technique, a wide range of products can be made, which includes nameplates, designer utensils, metal showpieces, and designer accessories, among others. 


A more expensive type of metal engraving is the engravings which are done on gold, silver, and platinum. This technique is mainly used to design different kinds of jewellery and is very popular in modern times. The two processes that are used for engraving a pattern on metals are laser engraving and mechanical engraving. These are slightly complicated techniques and might require a good amount of time to be developed. 


Wood Engraving


Wood engraving is a very interesting printmaking technique that is used to etch or engrave an image or a pattern on a piece of wood. A variety of woodcuts are used to establish this process, and sometimes a little quantity of paint is also used to create different kinds of effects along with the engraving. 

Wood engraving techniques involve the use of relatively low pressure and are known to be comparatively easier than metal engravings. This kind of engravings lasts for a longer period of time, unlike metal engravings. But it might be sensitive to moisture and should be stored in a clean and dry place. 


Laser Engraving 


Laser engraving is a method by which laser tools are used to engrave a design or pattern on a given surface. Laser engraving is very different from laser markings. Laser markings are a much broader category in which one leaves different marks for different purposes on a given surface. In laser marking, there might also be a change of colour due to chemical or molecular reactions, which is not the case for laser engraving. Such services are easily provided by companies that perform laser engraving in Northampton.


Laser engraving has become a very trendy technique in modern times and is often found to be in high demand. There are many companies like companies performing laser engraving in Northampton and other areas who provide not only this but all other engraving services. Most of these companies have their online official website which provides all the information about their services.