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Posted on 23 Dec 2019

Get the Best Screen Printing Services on Metal and Other Materials:

Do you want your brand to outshine your competitors? Do you want to highlight your product wherever it is displayed? Do you want your customers to recognize your product and brand merely by looking at the label? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then screen printing is an effective solution to distinguish the products of your brand.

Screen printing service in UK can be done on metals and various other materials like stainless steel, mylar, aluminum, vinyl, acrylics, Lexan, etc. Desired messages or content can be printed on metal capabilities using screen printing and customized metal stamps. The length of the message, colours, font, design to print it is proficiently managed by established companies such that the print is readable and understandable to convey the desired message in addition to highlighting your product to the target customers. If you want to make the best use of technology then hire a skilled screen printing service in UK.

Only an experienced screen printing service in UK like OTOEL can map customer's requirements with affordable, viable and impressive solutions. Furthermore, hiring OTOEL is beneficial because here under one roof you can get various other services like laser engraving service in UK, metal fabrication in UK, metal polish, chemical etching, wood engraving service, plastic engraving service, etc. Moreover, OTOEL is a verometal specialist in UK in addition to being an engraving specialist and etching specialist. You need to make sure to bold the logo on the packaging so that your product highlights everywhere. With the sound technology of U.V. cured inks and optical colour match system one can exactly match the PMS (Pantone Matching System) colours every time irrespective of the surface of printing viz. metal, Lexan, etc. The colour matching process is standardized to one Delta E and other government laid standards which seconds OTOEL’S claim of superior colour-matching with such minute variations that cannot be detected by the human eye.

OTOEL also facilitate printing on metal front or rear panels, front panel graphic overlays, nameplates, warning labels, etc. and the sub-surface printing solutions are unbeatable. OTOEL’s other services which are worth mentioning are bullet-proof printing on and prefabricated front bezels and powder-coated front panels, printing on translucent coloured windows for LEDs or clear LCD windows, etc. We guarantee that our printing is durable because we suggest the material and adhesives for your application after aptly understanding the environments through which your product goes through. Our customized formulated adhesives patterned adhesive for LCD display, and adhesive options like 3M #467 and #468 as well as 3M #9471 and #9472 and other customized solutions protect screen printing even in harsh environments.

The advantages of joining hands with us don't end here, there is much more on the list. To cut labels and overlays, we not only use Class C steel rule dies but also proficiently cut thicker metal stamp materials and metals as per the specific requirements of the customer. The task is efficiently achieved with our expertise and experience using our Zund Digital Cutter or CNC machine and sound technology in the whole process. Besides this, we have made a mark amongst laser engraving companies in UK and signage companies in the UK. View the wide array of our services and undoubtedly you will find a solution for your requirements with our customized services.