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Posted on 24 May 2020

Laser Beam Carving on Glass

Laser engraving on glass gives it a splendid and distinctive look. It enhances the look of the plane as well as frosted glass. Laser Beam is hurled on glasses to engrave various designs, patterns, images, names, and logos. Glass embellishment glorifies the interiors of an officeLaserGlass Engravingis more convenient, simple, and accurate. It is also less time consuming and inexpensive than other methods of engraving on the glass as in this type of engraving moulds and templates need not be fabricated before giving the desired effect on the glass which is so in other engraving methods. Laser engravingis more precise and finer than sandblasting as the concentrated beam is thrown on the surface. Glass Engraving is an ornate artwork. It only involves etching on the glass surface rather than moulding and blowing it.

Symbols, images, and patterns can also be engraved on other materials. Surfaces can be varied from wood to metal, alloys, and many more. The laser beam is a direct method though it is a non-contact method for engraving. Laser engraving ensures lesser wear and tear of glass in comparison to other methods of engraving.

In the UK laser engraving has industrial use too. It is used to mark a trademark on the product, numbering the products, logos on the product, and etching the name of the company on products. Product information can also be engraved on industrial