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Posted on 23 Oct 2020

Laser Engraving Definition

Laser engraving is more of a thermal vaporizing process where layers are removed systematically from the surface of materials with precision. The laser engraving company use a laser beam as a chisel to get desired output using the principle of combined melt and evaporation ablation process. Heat input is highly controlled and restricted by releasing extremely focused short pulses in terms of time. Each laser engraving can be adjusted individually to each material and according to any desired quality. The laser engraving company ensures that the laser hits desired surface structures with massive levels of energy to generate required vaporization.

Laser Engraving at OTOEL

We have extensive experience working with a wide array of materials, parts and industries to provide exacting solutions that meet or exceed our customer’s needs and specifications.

The phrase Laser Marking is sometimes used interchangeably with the terms Laser Engraving or Laser Etching. The applications however are very different. As described above, when you laser mark you are changing the surface with heat which changes the color of the material. When you laser etch or laser engrave, the material surface is physically being removed or vaporized, leaving a cavity. The difference between etching and engraving is fairly subjective based on the depth of the cavity but generally they are used interchangeably.

Laser marking is more like a shading process whereby a beam of light is focused with the surface material to interact resulting in a change of color and leaves a mark or contrast. When you explore laser marking near me, you will find different types of laser marks, but the most common are Annealing, Carbon Migration, Coloring and Foaming. Laser marking can be performed on almost any material type. We say “almost any” because there are a few material types, Teflon for example, where changing the color is challenging. In those cases we have developed a special process to engrave the material and fill the cavity with an enamel to provide the color contrast like an actual laser mark.

Laser engravings are very commonly used in the automobile and electromechanics industry. There are many creative yet cheap engraving services you can appoint for using this method, you can process photographs, drawings, logos, notches, stamps, apply small and bold labels, etc. Some other cheap engraving services are also offered to create markings and deeper engravings for prototyping and labelling. 

Basically, based on what applications are to be applied, the laser engraving mechanism is divided into 2 methods. Laser system used for cutting is called laser cutter and if the main application is engraving then it's termed as laser engraving. If you are seeking cheap engraving services for laser marking near me, we can surely assist you with this requirement. We are a laser cutting company as well as the laser engraving company. 

Advantages of Laser Marking

Quick: Faster and quicker as it performs with Higher speeds due to the high repetition rates and resulting shorter cycle times.

Wear-resistant: Due to the depression and surface pressure, the The marking created in the process of laser engraving is extremely resistant to external factors.

Automation: With the advanced applications and softwares, it becomes very easy to automate, resulting in reduced human errors.

Reproducible: Laser power can be particularly controlled, the results can always be repeated with almost perfection, precision and timing.