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Posted on 07 Jan 2021

Laser Engraving vs Laser Etching

If you run your own business, you can’t be unaware of laser marking. Laser marking is one of the most essential techniques in today’s business world that helps to uniquely identify the products belonging to a particular brand name. Since laser marks are durable in all conditions unlike all other types of markings, it has become the popular choice of every businessman or industrialist. If you are also an entrepreneur and are looking for a laser marking company for marking the goods manufactured, assembled, or sold by you, then you must first decide whether you want laser etching or laser engraving. You may believe that laser etching and laser engraving are the same as many people do, for your information they are not the same. There may be fine differences between them but these differences are important and can't be ignored. 

Difference Between Laser Engraving & Laser Etching

The major difference between laser etching and laser engraving is the depth of the mark made on the product. If a deeper mark/groove is required, then laser engraving is the solution. However, if a minimal impression is required to be imprinted on the surface then laser etching will do the needful. The laser etching process marks a depth of about 0.0001inches whereas the laser engraving process can mark up to 0.125 inches. In a way, laser etching is a subset of laser engraving as the surface of the material burns in this process as well just like the latter though at minimal depth.

Talking about similarities, laser engraving painted metal or etched painted metal or other painted etched/engraved materials have their unique appearance. Also, both types of laser engraving are very fast and can be done on various materials. Due to the similarities it becomes hard to choose between one.

If you are dicey whether laser engraving will be apt for your project or laser etching, then you can seek advice from an established laser marking company like ours. We are experienced in the industry and have handled small scale to large scale projects with equal ease and efficiency. When you will search the internet for a company offering laser marking near me, then you will find us amongst top-ranking industries as our customers are always happy with our services. Try our customized solutions at competitive pricing and you will also agree to our claims.