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Posted on 16 Dec 2019

Laser Engravings as an Aid for Counterfeiting

In the world of electronic and mechanical products, counterfeiting is a big problem. It is made possible by variety of ways. Every player in the supply chain industry is prone to being a victim of counterfeiting. If you are in the same industry and want to ensure that your product’s identity is maintained and your brand name always remain genuine, you need to opt for laser engraving service. In the digital world, people are using options like digital signature, hash keys etc. but in the physical world of manufacturing, things become a little bit tricky and is affecting lots of businesses worldwide.

There are some basic steps that can be taken to avoid counterfeiting like verification of the databases, communication with the actual vendors etc. but nothing is better than laser engraving. The genuine marks can be made and identified by everyone if it is done by engraving specialist. There are laser engraving companies in UK like OTOEL, who can provide you with lots of options to uniquely identify your brand name.

A major benefit of laser engraving service is that the engraving of brand name, product serial number or any other mark (to uniquely identify the product) can be done on the product itself. You don’t have to just rely on the packaging alone. This is specially important if the product size is too small. Laser engraving in London can help you in getting the engraving done on tiny products with high resolution and overall quality.

Even if the dimensions of the product are tricky along with the small size, there are laser engraving companies in UK like OTOEL who have the solution for your needs. Things like electronic boards or more delicate things like semiconductor parts or even silicon wafers can also be engraved by an engraving specialist.

Laser engraving can be done to print the brand name etc. but many companies also use it to print bar codes or any other unique codes which can help them in taking out lot of other information from that single code. It is useful not only from a business point of view, but also from compliance side of things. You can get markings like CE engraved on the product to make sure that the government knows that your product is a genuine one and it meets all the required standards. Therefore, laser engraving is not only a convenience but also a necessity.

Laser engraving in UK can help you to save your product line from being counterfeited but you will also need to educate your consumers about it. Laser engraving alone cannot be a solution, but it is an aid to fight this problem. Because laser engraving is a cost-effective option as well, it should definitely be used as one of the measures to fight counterfeiting issues. This, along with other methods will hopefully save people from becoming a victim of counterfeiting one day! Digital methods along with physical methods like engraving should solve the issues for most companies who are in this manufacturing space.