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Posted on 10 Dec 2021

Making Handmade Cards with Wood Engraving

Wood engraving is an alleviation printmaking procedure, similar to linocut. It's not the simplest procedure to get the hang of, yet it's a highly flexible medium, and because the wood used is strong, it is possible to run off an almost limitless number of prints. 


This makes it the ideal model for making Christmas or good tidings cards; when the square has been cut, it very well may be utilised year on year. This article by One to One Engravers, a laser wood engraver in the UK, will help you know more about making handmade cards with wood engraving.


What is Wood Engraving?

Wood engravings are made when a craftsman utilises engraving apparatuses (also called 'burins') to cut the outer layer of an end-grain woodblock. When the woodblock is inked with a roller, these recessed entry points don't get ink. The picture is then imprinted onto paper the hard way or in a press. 


What will you need?

Here is a list of a few things you will need to make handmade cards with wood engraving;

  • A woodblock

  • Engraving tools

  • black oil-based relief ink

  • Solvent

  • Piece of Rag

  • Roller


WoodBlock Darkening

Before you start engraving, you should obscure your woodblock so you can consider the slices to be you make them. You can utilise Indian Ink for this reason. You should try not to put water-put together ink concerning the outer layer of a woodblock. However, it consumes most of the day for oil paint or printing ink to dry, and Indian Ink is more straightforward to utilise and clean away.


Designing and engraving

Preferably, when planning a wood etching, you will need to ensure your plan has a combination of light regions, dull areas and mid-tones. Mid-tones can be accomplished in various ways. Numerous engravers use daintily dispersed equal lines of different widths to show level surfaces; the thicker the lines, the lighter the tone.



So, making handmade cards with wood engraving is a considerably easy process when you have the right set of tools, resources and knowledge. If you still wish to know more, search for wood engraving services near me.