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Posted on 01 Oct 2021

Promote Your School Events with Outdoor Signage

Schools have now begun to open up with the commencement of new sessions. Students have started to visit the schools and the environment of educational institutes has been coming back to normal. And as the students have begun to arrive, schools are planning to organize several events that can attract the interest and engagement of students.


To make these events successful, schools need to promote them in the local community. And for successfully promoting the school events, outdoor signs are the best option to go with. Outdoor custom signs are designed and placed with a primary intent to attract students, parents, and the general public to the school event.


Outdoor signs are comparatively more effective than any other means of promotion. There are several advantages of outdoor signs which makes them more preferable. Outdoor signs are large, cost-efficient, and can be easily identified even from a distance. The advantage of having such signs is that they can be placed anywhere, and can be moved easily from place to place.


Any school can get their custom-designed outdoor signs from local sign shops. If any custom sign shops are not available in a nearby area, there are several online services that can help you with getting an outdoor sign for your school events. One to One engravers is one of such online services which provides high-quality outdoor signs.


One to One engravers design and manufacture different types of outdoor signs as per your needs. These signs can be customized as per your preferences with our endless customization options. The types of outdoor signs that we create are-

  • Outdoor banners

  • A-boards

  • Yard signs

  • Monument or architecture signs

  • Lobby or office signs

  • Directional signs


Having proper, well-designed, and high-quality outdoor custom signs can bring an additional advantage to your school events. Outdoor signs not only promote your school's events and attract a random crowd but also help a person who is specifically looking for an event at your school. If you are still confused about designing your outdoor signs, then feel free to contact One to One engravers limited.