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Posted on 29 Jun 2020

Signs Designs Go Hand in Hand with Branding

Branding helps to uniquely position products in the market. Effective marketing strategies like branding give you an upper edge in a market space and differentiate your products from your competitor’s products. The right time & the right place is the key to success. It is not advisable and feasible to campaign vigorously 24*7 as it becomes annoying and lousy. Small companies have budget constraints too.

The UK body in the name of The British Design Council has well-defined guidelines on branding practices. They usually work closely with a signage company to outline the best practices for signages with an aim for effective branding.

Branding gives you an identity. Customers associate with signs, logos,or statement of the brand and subconsciously they will be inclined to buy that product. It shows who you are, what are ethics of your business, what do you want to promise to your customers, etc. Branding comes with a lot of responsibility as it creates faith among your customer.

Your brand is recognized instantly with colour schemes, designs, words, sign, fonts, or statements. Branding creates the perception among your customers about your products. Keeping all this in mind, you should get your brand sign, logo, or statement designed. For example, if you see M written with a yellow and red background colour scheme you instantly relate it to McDonald and you may recognize it even from a distance.

Small companies often find it difficult to enter a new market where big fishes already exist and spend a fortune on branding. Here signage companies can come to rescue small companies by helping them in designing impressive signages and wisely placing the signages indoor and outdoor.

To decide on how to present yourself to your customer such that they can remember and relate to your brand you should choose signs, colour scheme, pattern, font size, etc. with great prudence. Every colour and pattern has its meaning and impact, for example,green symbolizes a new beginning, growth, nature, and fertility whereas yellow stands for happiness and optimism. Likewise, other colours and various patterns can be used to signify different meanings.

Our signage makers can provide valuable insight into the impact of branding on signage solutions. Using different colours and patterns we can play on with the subconscious mind to earn the recognition for your brand and make a long-lasting impact in the market.