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Posted on 13 Mar 2020

Strategies to Maximize Laser Production

Laser engraving machines are very efficient in engraving desired designs speedily. Additionally, the quality output is assured irrespective of how complex the design may be. Laser engraving companies in UK can further increase the productivity of their laser engraving machines by adopting the following tips:

Use machines to their fullest potential- An engraving specialist must try to offer wood engraving service or metal engraving service by engraving multiple items in one batch so that the engraving machine's potential can be fully used. This will save time and cost. An etching specialist would only need to expand the page size in the graphic design program according to the full table size to print multiple items of similar design.

Resolution- Resolution is an important factor in laser engraving to give clear images. The higher DPI (dots per inch) will produce a better image but will consume more time. So, the resolution should be lowered to save time and increase production. Lower resolution can be matched with an apt dithering pattern such that quality doesn't compromise and time can also be saved.

Pre-engraving- When the machine is idle, engrave intrinsic designs on a few items that are usually in demand. These pre-engraved items can be customized by adding a phrase/name with the laser engraving in UK machines as and when the order for them is received. This will help to quickly clear bottlenecks by saving loading time for engraving the same design multiple times. 

Center engraving- The feature is of immense use when centered text and graphics are to be engraved in differently shaped objects like awards, showpieces, etc. Under this feature, the laser head can be moved to the center of the object by hand and the point can be set as the home position. This enables the machine to begin printing from there. Thus, the feature saves time and the need for making custom files n jigs for center engraving in differently shaped objects. 

Color mapping- The color mapping strategy can considerably increase the production while providing engraving services by saving time in each job. For example, while printing designs (like names) in columns, the laser head will move horizontally in every line because it sees the whole design as one image. But if different colors will be given to different columns then the machine will move its head to the second column only after completing the first column. This way color mapping restricts extra movement and saves job time.

Right software- The right laser engraving software can be used to save the settings of any particular job so that it can be quickly re-applied on similar jobs later. Laser engraving London companies can manage job time recorders, materials database, DPI, various design/ color and other settings on such software and increase production by saving time.