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Posted on 25 Mar 2021

What are Signages? Why are they important?

A Signage refers to a particular design that acts like a sign or a symbol and is used to communicate a specific message or to portray a particular element or identity.  Signs can be referred to as any sort of visual graphics which is specially designed to display different types of information for a particular purpose. These signs can vary in sizes depending upon the location for which it is made and for the purpose for which it has been designed.  One can find plenty of signage design company and easily avail their services whenever required online. These sign making companies provide different kinds of services, which also includes customisation as per the requirements of their customers. 


Although there are plenty of sign making companies available,  one must be very careful while choosing a signage design company.  Signage represents the brand as well as its ethics and essence, and thus for the signage to communicate the correct values and messages,  it should be very well designed and executed. 


4 Ways Retailers Can Use Digital Signage to Keep Customers Informed and Engaged


1.] Use of Weather Feeds for making suggestions and recommendations of products 


The two major influences on consumer behaviour have been weather and economy since the past generations. Whichever kind of weather it might be,  it has been observed over the years that weather can make a massive and significant difference in the revenue-generating system. In modern times this has been good news for the retailers, and they have started using this entire phenomenon to their advantage. It has become a unique trend to display weather updates as a part of signages along with other marketing content inside shopping malls, stores, restaurants, among others. These weather updates gain immediate customer attention and act as an engaging glue for the customer.


2.] Live Sports Update and Current Events Feed


Another interesting way of engaging the attention of the audience is to display live sports updates and different types of current events on the screen as a part of the signages inside the shopping malls, stores, restaurants, outside buildings, among others. It is very important to understand the audience psychology and deal with them accordingly. Almost everyone wants to be up to date with current events, thus it is one of the best ways of engaging them. 


3.] Interesting Travel Information


Everyone loves to travel and check feeds and posts on travelling, which also talks about interesting destinations along with costs and details. Thus displaying various kinds of travelling information on the screen as a part of the signage is another interesting way of gaining the customers attention and engaging them for a while. 


4.] Installation of Wayfinding Signs


In recent times every customer wants a hassle-free shopping experience and does not like to be a part of any kind of commotion. Customers are smart enough to follow signages and find out their own ways while they are shopping.  That is why it is vital to install wayfinding signage that will easily guide the customers to navigate throughout the shopping mall or the store. These signages are comparatively simple and straightforward and are a must-have in every building.