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Posted on 25 Nov 2020

What is Metal Fabrication?

In a way, everything that we use in our day-to-day lives & the objects around us are a direct or indirect result of custom metal fabrication done by metal fabrication company. Let's have a quick note on some objects like microwave, grinder, refrigerator, computers, vehicles, elevators and in industrial applications like construction, railroads, telecommunications, airlines, industrial tools, printing etc. 


Metal Fabrication Meaning:


Metal fabrication is a process of producing or moulding metal sheets based on custom requirements for various shapes and sizes. When you explore steel fabrication companies near me in your nearby industrial areas you will hear large machinery sounds performing processes like cutting, stamping, shaping, folding and welding at metal fabrication company premises using specialized equipment handled by highly skilled specialists.


Just like any other manufacturing process metal fabrication setup also needs planning, preparations, strategy, material selection, machinery maintenance and post production quality checks. Specially in most cases where the metal fabrication unit is handling client jobs need to also take care of continued coordination, production reports, feedback, engineering and bidding to perform immediate on demand adjustments as desired by the client to reach the end result. Some materials & parts that are commonly required for planned production are Plate metal, Expanded metal, Formed metal, Wire for welding, Hardware, Fittings, Castings etc. Fabrication units arrange the materials based on the requirement you accord upon seeking steel fabrication companies near me to do the job for you. Metal fabrication process begins with choosing the appropriate method based on the requirements. Here are some examples of terminologies related to different metal fabrication processes: Cutting, Casting, Forging, Punching, Drawing, Milling, Drilling, Turning, Extrusion.


Metal has been a sign of durability, longevity and structural strength for a millennia now. Historically, humans have been using steel and different types of metal for a very long time now, but the introduction of hydraulic press during the industrial revolution era allowed manufacturers to apply a high amount of pressure over metal. This led to unprecedented transformation and a breakthrough revolution in the metal fabrication industry. Today, computer aided designs and production machinery has fine-tuned the process to craft some of the very complex, bulk and skill based production lines in metal as well as steel fabrication companies near me.  



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