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Posted on 11 Nov 2019

What Makes Laser Engraving Technology So Useful?

Out of all the methods of engraving on the materials, laser engraving is the most commonly used methodology in the current time. In this method, a laser beam is projected at the material to make the marking or for engraving. This method is similar to laser marking technique but it is gaining more popularity because of various reasons as listed below:

1. No-contact required:

A very convenient thing about metal laser engraving technology is that it does not involve making a contact between two materials or the machinery and the material. Even laser cutting can be contact less. The laser beam does not touch the material. It leaves the impression by using heat. This is also the most important advantage because by avoiding the contact and hence the damage, this method saves the quality of the material. The area where the engraving is required will be targeted, and the nearby areas won’t be affected.

2. Different levels of depths:

The aim of using laser engraving is to remove some part of the material as the laser is projected. Therefore, this process allows the manufacturers to have full control over the precision. This also enables them to work with different levels of depth. For example, laser engraving can work with depth of 0.2mm and also with 1.5mm.

3. Supports range of materials:

This technology has the capability of working on varied kinds of materials like plastic, glass, ceramic and obviously the metals. Due to this feature, laser engraving can be used across many industries leading to economies of scale and cost-effectiveness.

4. Safety:

The methods that have been used till the time laser was introduced involved health and safety hazards due to the use of chemicals. But this metal laser engraving technology helps in avoiding the use of harmful chemicals. It also involves the use of computers because of which the workers can work from a distance from the laser and the object.

5. Environment-friendly:

This method is environment-friendly because the residue that it leaves is very minimal. Most of the part is vaporised. The residue which is left is mostly dust which is not as harmful as what the traditional methods used to leave after processing.

6. Varied applications:

Due to the fact that it can work with different materials, it has got applications across different industries. For example, the products made out plastics and glass are used in the medical industry and laser engraving can be done on those products. It is also done on ceramics which is used in the semi-conductors. Because of the precision it provides, laser engraving can be used on the jewellery as well.

7. High efficiency:

Laser engraving, laser cutting and laser marking are all very effective. Specifically, laser engraving is great because the maintenance cost is very low and the lifespan of the engraving is amazingly long.

Because of so many advantages that this method provides, it has become a favourite choice of manufacturers all around the world.