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Posted on 18 Nov 2019

Why Should you Prefer Laser Engraving Over Traditional Methods of Engraving

If you are looking forward to get some engraving done on any product like jewellery, plastic or glass decorations or anything for the business purposes also, then you must know the difference between the traditional ways of engraving and laser engraving.

In simple words, the traditional ways of engraving involves the use of specific kind of machinery. The machine comes in physical contact with the material which needs to be engraved and then it prints the content on that material. Examples of such materials are medals, coins, utensils, copper materials, trophies, metal plates or any products made out of glass or plastics which can be engraved. Laser engraving is also popular for abstract signage solutions.

If you want to see the difference in the output of traditional way and laser engraving or laser marking, then you compare the old school trophies with new ones. The new laser technology is adopted by One to One Engravers Ltd who provides their services in UK.

Nowadays, even laser technology is evolving. Manufacturers are using laser cutting and engraving machines where one machine can solve dual purpose of cutting and engraving. These machines can also remove the top layer of the material with the help of which the message or the content is put on the material. The depth can be as minute as millimetres and it is very accurately done. Because of such a perfect precision, even the logos can be printed or engraved by One to One Engravers Ltd. Such logos are required on pieces of jewellery. Other things that can be engraved are stamps, photos, logos, inlays, lettering etc.

Some of the materials that can easily be engraved using the engraving technology are wooden boards, crystal material, glass, pens and some specific types of plastics. The first layer is removed and the second layer shows the engraved message.

Laser is also preferable than traditional ways when it comes to glass engraving. Things like crockery, window glass can safely be engraved with laser. Through traditional ways, chances of wear and tear were more. The laser cutting techniques are also much safer than old methodologies. Especially with glass which is sensitive to breakage, laser works well. It greatly reduces the risk of damage to the material.

Laser cutting is able to provide this safety because it does not touch the glass material. The only consideration here would be the level of heat that laser emits. The glass should be able to bear it.

Some people find the text of laser easy to read, others may find traditional methods better. Technically, the laser should be more clear because the engraving is darker. The traditional ways leaves a deeper impression which is why it might look better to some.

Both methods have got their advantages and disadvantages and the choice is dependent on the purpose of engraving, material used and cost. Consultation from One to One Engravers Ltd can help you in answering your queries.