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Posted on 23 Nov 2021

Why Traditional Signage is Still Important for Hotels

There are many things moving forward in the modern era, but this does not mean traditional things like signage are also disappearing. In fact, traditional signage is still very essential for hotels, and we will be looking at why this is so in this article.


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One of the main aims behind using traditional signage is to create the identity of the hotel over the brick and mortar that is used and denotes what sets this particular building apart from the others. Any business owner that customer recognition is important and that you want them to think or feel certain things when they see your sign anywhere.


The simplest form of the brand identity is the colour, font, and design that you use in the signage and the logo, and it evokes emotions and reflects your value system and what you are offering. This is why it is important to invest in getting traditional signable but be sure to have one that is easily recognisable and yet holds the aspect of who you are as a business. 


A poorly made sign denotes that your hotel doesn’t really care about the customers and may not provide great service. Good signage, on the other hand, can easily tell people that you are professional, welcoming, and hygienic. Traditional signage can create a memorable impression on the mind of the customer, which is why it will stay in their minds longer. 


Traditional signage is cost-effective and is more memorable than an advertisement that customers may see on social media, which is why this is a good investment. 


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