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Posted on 30 Oct 2019

Why Vinyl Printing has an Edge Over Screen Printing

Vinyl printing is one of the ways by which products like t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, caps, cushion covers etc. are printed. Other method is screen printing. Screen printing has got many benefits but still vinyl printing is more popular for various reasons. These kind of products are generally gifted, which is why the quality of print should be really good. Other applications of vinyl printing are in the signage domain. Different kinds of abstract signage solutions with varied colours and designs can be made through vinyl printing. The quality of signage will be good for marketing and selling your products or services.

Below are some of the points for which vinyl printing has an edge over screen printing:

1.The vinyl print will last very long. This kind of print is resistant to the water content in the air. This prevents the print from getting faded over time.

2. Vinyl itself is resistant to water which makes it a very durable plastic. These properties are inherited in the vinyl prints also.

3. The vinyl is also made from material which is environment friendly. It is recyclable or it can also be reused for different usages.

4. The products made out of this material can be transparent or opaque.

5. A lot of bright colours are available with the use vinyl printing. This will help in making the products striking and chances of sale are more.

6. Because of the high visibility factor of this material, personalised gifts can be made. Examples of such gift items are stated above.

7. It is a great choice for making stickers for the wall or vehicles. This is because it does not leave any residue after it is removed. Even the removal process is not a big issue.

8. The kind of texture which is available by the use of this material are matte, gloss and semi-gloss. This enables the manufacturers to print the vinyl graphics on various kinds of materials.

9. Other applications of vinyl printing are in the products like diaries, flyers, notepads, banners, danglers, business cards, logos etc.

10. The cost effectiveness of vinyl is the most important factor. It can be found in reasonable prices and companies who provide their services in UK can give a better rate.

Due to the availability of vast variety of products which can be made through vinyl printing, the choice of the product can be a daunting task. Taking help from a company like One to One Engravers Ltd. who is into vinyl printing can help you decide what products you would like to opt for, what quantity and price should be feasible as per your need and they can also answer other questions that you might have.