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Our Services

Chemical Etching

We chemically etch Stainless steel, Mirrored steel, Brass, Bronze and Copper. Using our method, we can produce the finest of details, as fine as 0.35mm. This allows our multi colour fills to look as though there is no gap where 1 colour ends and another begins, allowing us to produce the intricate detail used for the Malaysian Embassy brass plaques.

Rotary Engraving

We strive to provide the highest quality engraving services available. Therefore, many of our tools (such as rotary engravers) and techniques have been expertly devolved and designed to increase quality, speed and reduce cost. Some of these techniques have been patented both here in the UK and overseas. We have pioneered these innovations to deliver top quality engraving, at a very cost-effective pricing structure. This what our customers demand, and therefore expect as part of the one to one service.

We aim to provide a truly bespoke experience for our customers, from products manufactured for the trade, to personalised gifts. As a result, we always deliver to your specifications.

Laser Engraving

We laser engrave into plastic, wood, acrylics and electrical switches, which gives outstanding sharpness and accuracy. We can also Lasermark onto stainless steel, aluminium & brass. This produces a more economically priced sign.


VeroMetal is a cold, sprayable surface coating which is 95% metal. Give us a piece of wood, plastic or glass and we will give it back looking like a beautiful piece of metal, whether it is brass, bronze or another of our numerous VeroMetal finishes. Saving copious amounts of money for the same product made from solid metal, VeroMetal has been used in many ways such as the architecture, interior design, kitchen manufacturing, film industry, hotels, restaurants, promotional items and much more.

Mag-Slat Systems

Magslat systems are interchangeable reception boards that are widely used for doctor's offices, solicitors, office suites, universities and colleges. This can also include serviced offices, and anywhere with a high occupant turnover. OTOEL is the leading designer and manufacturer of mag-slats in the UK. We have hundreds of clients using our expertise for this service.


For more abstract signage solutions, OTOEL offers a variety of vinyl services, screen printing and Metal fabrication.