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Posted on 23 Oct 2020

A Basic Guide to Rotary Engraving

Rotary engraving is a process where a spinning cutter connected to a motor-powered spindle is used to cut into material either to cut out specific shapes, holes of engrave upto certain depth as required. Rotary engraving can be performed with various materials like Metal, glass, plastic, wood etc. Rotary Engraving machines used some addon plugin or dedicated software that helps to achieve amazing results in no time.  

Rotary engraving process uses vector software by compiling the image design and sending it for print to the device setup. Device further decodes the vector data geometrically using X, Y & Z axis calculation to cut the design into substrate. Advanced engraving machines offer great control over all aspects of the design such as length, width and depth. Depth is referred to as the Z axis in the engraving system which is a value controlled using the vector software and roland egx 350 engraver. 

Let’s understand some common applications for rotary engraving based on substrates:

Personalized gifts:

People now-a-days search rotary engraving near me to get more options in personalizing their gifts. Personalization on gits adds more sentimental value and creates the possibility to embed custom content.

Trophies and awards:

You will also find seekers from schools, colleges, community, organizations and institutions seeking for rotary engraving near me. Rotary engraving helps them to add custom identity over trophies and awards making it more labellized and branded. 

Wood, Vinyl and acrylic engraving:

Engraving on these substrates is very common for both households and businesses where they like to use vector designs or any content that relates to their requirements.

Plastic and metal signage:

Plastic and Metal engraving is in use for a while now, however rotary engraving has enhanced the process by offering more control and better precision for customization.

Decorated garments:

Acrylic substrates can be used for name tags to transfer hot fix rhinestones to apparel. Combining rhinestone shirts, gifts, name tags, can help your business with new sales opportunities.

Wayfinding signage:

Creative wayfinding signage is a perfect compliment to commercial storefront graphics. You can add interior and/or exterior wayfinding signage based on the customer's colors, logos, and branding. Very prominent solution for hospitals, hotels and malls.

Bridal & Jewelry engraving:

Personalized pendants, engagement rings and other accessories has been a desire for almost all jewelry lovers. Offering customization with Bridal & Jewelry engraving will surely sound attractive to them.

Tools and parts engraving: 

Many businesses search for rotary engraving near me with a requirement to embed their business symbol or logo into their tools and parts. This helps them to bring brand presence on inventory used by their staff. 

Rotary Engraving Tools & Cutters:

Rotary engraving tools fall into several categories and come in two shank sizes suitable for desktop and industrial engravers. Most commonly used are carbide tipped cutting tools, high speed steel engraving tools, and diamond scribing tools. Micro-grain carbide cutters are for soft substrates like acrylic and plastics, commonly used for badges and wayfinding signage. High speed steel engraving tools are rotating cutting/engraving tools used for cutting plastics and scribe engraving soft metals like aluminum or brass. Diamond scribing tools are non-rotating tools for scribe or scratch engraving.

If you have customers around you who are searching for rotary engraving near me then we would love to hear from you. Please contact us to learn more about Rotary Engraving