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Posted on 30 Mar 2021

Engraving Techniques That You Must Know

Engraving is a common technique undertaken with many purposes, like 3-Dimensional graphical artworks or leaving a permanent tattoo on aluminium, Acrylic, wood, etc. However, given the enormous amount of variance in the laser engraving service – choosing the most adaptable one for your business or yourself may become an overwhelming task. Engraving methods can be grouped into two primary categories- Laser embossing and CNC Rotary. These two categories are usually interchangeably in a whole host of applications.


Rotary Engraving 

CNC Rotary engraving method is highly similar to the traditional-ancient hand-carving technique. The CNC Rotary machine produces ideal copies of the material with rich details in a well-polished, precise, and short-term period. The CNC Rotary makes use of two techniques to inflict deep cuts into materials from aluminium to plastic. 

  • The flat groove engraving technique removes the materials, leaving a flat area at the sign's button, and the depth can be tailored to our needs. 

  • V-groove Engraving is widely used through the sign industry to create tabletops signs, plaques, decorative objects, and more. This technique is best for composites, plastics, plywood, or wood materials. 


CNC Laser engraving

The laser engraver sends laser pulses to make incisions such as cuts or burns on materials.

This method produces clear-cut and highly detailed engravings and is best for Acrylic, wood, Lexan, etc.

  • Laser marking includes a bunch of laser applications and creates pattern and discolouration into the surface. This method alters both the properties and the physical appearance of the material. This laser wood engraver method is eco-friendly and permanent.

  • Laser Etching is something between engraving and laser marking, which leaves a permanent message.


3D Engraving

CNC milling can create 3D engravings or carvings on graphics, ornaments or a fine piece of artwork. Many laser engraving services offer Surface 3D Miller Engraving for creating unique and highly textured drawings and paintings.