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Posted on 07 Jan 2022

Guide to choosing the right Laser Engraver for your production setup

Items, made of hard materials, that keep going for a really long time, normally need long-lasting checking of the brand on their surfaces, so that brand name or logo is lucid even after a long haul and substantial utilization. This kind of stamping is finished utilizing a laser engraver.


This engraving can be possibly used on both metal and non-metal items. Laser engraving companies use various kinds of engravers depending upon the material on which engraving is to be finished.


This guide by One to One Laser Engravers, the laser engraving company, will help you choose the right laser engraver for your production setup. Here are some points to consider;


Type of Laser Engraver

You must choose the most appropriate type of engraver depending on the material of the item, required engraving speed, and thickness of the surface. Typically, two types of engravers are utilized for engraving that is as follows;


  1. Fibre Lasers

This engraver is appropriate for dealing with metals, covered metals and particular kinds of plastics. Fibre lasers typically work on lower running expense, lower power utilization and need little support in correlation with CO2 lasers.


  1. CO2 Lasers

This sort of laser engraver depends on carbon dioxide combination, which is invigorated electrically. These engravers are essentially reasonable for engraving on non-metallic materials and plastics.


Type of Surface to be Engraved

In the wake of choosing, regardless of whether you want a Fiber laser or CO2 laser, you additionally should be certain that the engraver works flawlessly and imprints perfectly on your item's surface. Here you want to see, what sort of surface does your item have.

Your Budget

This is another vital point to consider. Various engravers offer diverse engraving speeds. E.g., generally, an engraver with the pace of 20 markings of 50 characters QR code each moment would cost near $40,000 per production setup.


So, this was a brief guide on how to choose the most suitable laser engraver for your production setup. If you are interested to know more, search for laser marking near me or contact One to One Laser Engravers, Laser engraver UK.